How To Compare RDA To All The Rest


There are several companies who say they "do reserve studies". But there's only one RDA. We guarantee that you won't find a more dedicated, comprehensive and useful reserve study than your RDA Reserve Study. Ask all the rest whether they offer you the following benefits. When you add it all up, no one else even comes close to RDA.

Does your reserve analysis company offer?...

California Summary which meets or exceeds the disclosure requirements of newly-revised California Civil Code Section 1365. No need to mail your entire reserve study to every member of your association. Simply photocopy and distribute your three to five page RDA California Summary, included with all RDA Reserve Studies at no additional cost.

Experience from preparing over 10,000 reserve studies for over 2,000 clients, from Massachusetts to Mexico and throughout California.

Free office and telephone consultation throughout the entire year. We are available to answer all your questions regarding reserve budgeting and long-term planning all year round.

One free revision, once you have had an opportunity to review your reserve study.

Update costs are only 1/3rd to 1/4th of your initial study cost for most associations.

Up-to-date knowledge of the latest changes in legislation affecting community associations, along with a thorough evaluation of your operating guidelines. All to precisely determine the extent of your maintenance and reserve funding obligations.

Custom reserve management software, NOT a simple spreadsheet program. Our software allows your reserve study to include ALL your major components, including those with long useful lives. Spreadsheet-based companies limit themselves to a 20 or 30 year window and don't include any reserve components which fall outside their window.

Not a "one-person operation" nor just a number-crunching, accounting firm. RDA is a full service reserve analysis company and has a complete staff to support the diverse needs of all our clients.

RDA informs the Board about items which can be potentially very expensive to the association, such as termite fumigation and slope failures, and, as with all reserve components in your study, gives the board the option of funding for them.

Detailed and exact inventory of all your major components. We don't estimate. We provide you with exact measurements and specifications, including condition. And we don't group all similar assets into one category or lump sum. We list exactly what you have, how long it will last and what each item will cost to repair or replace.

Easy-to-understand introduction to reserve funding and budgeting along with definitions of reserve budget terminology and a Users' Guide to your reserve analysis study.

Detail Reports which list all measurements, costs and calculations for each asset, including extensive narrative detailing factors such as design, manufacture quality, usage, exposure to the elements, maintenance history and EXACT inventory of all components. Provisions for percentage replacements, future costs, salvage values and one-time replacements may all be utilized.

Distribution of Accumulated Reserves listing all assets in remaining life order with ideal level and actual level of reserves for each asset.

Asset Listing/Summary showing all assets by category (i.e. roofing, painting, lighting) together with their remaining life, current cost, monthly reserve contribution and net monthly allocation.

Report Summary which conveniently lists all the economic and investment parameters used in calculating your reserve study and summarizing the required monthly contribution to reserves.

Thirty-year Projections which accurately forecast your annual contributions, annual expenditures, projected ending reserve balance, ideal ending reserve balance and percentage of ideal funding.

Easy-to-read and highly- Graphs of your projected data, including Actual Reserves vs. Ideal Reserves, Percentage of Ideal Funding, Total Contributions to Reserves, and Annual Expenditures vs. Actual Reserves.

Complete texts of newly-revised California Civil Code sections affecting community associations.

If your association is not ideally funded, your RDA Reserve study includes a plan for ideal reserve funding over time. If you are already ideally funded, your RDA Reserve Study maintains your ideal position with the lowest possible monthly contribution to reserves.

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